The objectives of WeRep platform are:

  • Controlling the process
  • Managing workflow
  • Simplyfing editing and sharing activities
  • Tracking each modification
  • Having a close-to-zero impact on the organisation
  • Simultaneous publishing of online and printable versions

The final stage in the financial statements drafting process (including consolidated annual and CSR reports but also interim reports) is almost always fragmented within companies, making it very difficult to monitor the work progress, share documents, and examine the different versions.

At the same time, the project manager is under increasing pressure from colleagues, top management, internal auditors and statutory auditors. Delivery deadlines can never be extended. Communication tools are often simply e-mails and common spaces are just shared folders.

The WeRep management software allows optimisation of the drafting process leading to the creation of financial statements. The solution allows control over the process to be centralised, the workflow to be managed and the various stages of drafting, checking, translation and publication of the document to be rationalised. This is all done without changing the work processes and tools that are normally used, because WeRep is integrated with Microsoft Word and Excel and does not require any specific training for report drafters. Discover how it works!

Of course. WeRep is a very versatile management system. By analysing each company’s drafting process, the developers team can set up a company-specific environment so that it meets the various needs. Arrange a demo at your company.
WeRep is based on full integration with Microsoft Word / Excel. This approach allows report drafters to continue working with their tools avoiding any new training and to continue using the Microsoft potential.
The data stored in the application is protected by an access control system.
Only the Project Manager and authorised users can read and amend the financial statement files.
WeRep allows the Project Manager to divide the annual report into various Word files. Each file is then assigned to specific work groups. Work group users can access the files which have been assigned to them and make changes.
In order to modify a document you have been assigned, it is necessary to download the file following a specific link sent by e-mail. Once the file has been downloaded it can be changed as normal using Microsoft Office tools (Word and Excel). Once the changes are completed, the document must be uploaded following the suitable link (sent by e-mail).
Of course, at any time you can ask for an aggregate version in Word/Excel format of the whole document in order to assess overall progress.
One of the great advantages from using WeRep is being able to easily and quickly obtain a format suitable for printing and digital publication (website, iPad App, Mobile).
Export from WeRep enables the Message developers team to obtain different versions: from the website version to Apps for iPad.